Why the food sack pincer-like device broken bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
Sales is also a leading food seen on the market at present, the demand for food packaging is also very big. Food packing bags of most food packaging sealing a broad categories, one is widely applied in industry. Commonly used food packing bags have vertical bag type and three edge sealing, back sealing bag type and so on the many kinds of bag, can be inflated also can be a vacuum. For food packaging in the sealing, pincer-like device fracture phenomenon, plastic packaging today will tell you the torn bags of reason, cause analysis is as follows: one, the composite film packaging material for food packaging use the peel strength is poor, the composite film of each single layer film between the composite fastness is poor, prone to composite membrane statified phenomenon, when hot pincer-like device of high heat sealing strength, under the impact of the packaging contents or from external extrusion, hot pincer-like device easy happening layered composite membrane, lead to leak and rupture occurred near the heat seal packing. By blasting stress ( Positive pressure method) Validated, peel strength test. Second, the production process of various concerns jorge sealing equipment parameter Settings, can lead to heat seal the heat sealing of poor quality, poor heat sealing ( The heat sealing is not tight, easy separation) Excessive (or heat sealing The heat seal strength is too big, appear heat seal root fracture) The phenomenon, easy cause heat seal leak and rupture. By sealing performance ( Negative pressure method) Validated, heat sealing strength. Due to the particularity of food packaging bags, in the production of food packaging bags, both process and material, the thickness of the material or heat sealing method, will be a special treatment. In the packaging of finished product testing, we are usually on the strength of the material, sealing there will be a strict examination link, to ensure that food packaging bags with good quality. 【 Plastic bags 】
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