Why small packs a roll of film for less

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
Small bags for liquid, powder, granules, products of large particles, small packaging material and the packing bag of conventional no difference. But the smaller the size of the bag do bad to do, the more we all know that any equipment is tolerance, therefore in the process of bag making must demand, high precision, otherwise, the defective rate will be greatly increased, a huge waste of materials. Considering the small bags in the bag and the degree of difficulty of the operation in the process of filling, suggest a roll of film is better, so that we can save a bag making process, so as to avoid the loss. Prices roll film is accounted by kilogram, generally 20 to 40 yuan a kilogram, concrete can contact packaging manufacturers on accounting. And small bag is according to minimum quantity calculation, 30 * 80 mm size, for example, minimum quantity in about 300000 or so, the price probably around 1 cent. Under the same volume of raw materials, the roll of film to make the bag number is higher than the number of bag making directly, who is who's better at. May have to do the roll of film for the first time the client will have a question, film how to made the bag? Film made by automatic packaging machines, bag this procedure when we in the production of film emblem on electric eye, convenient for machine recognition. So packaging machine can bag filling products, greatly improving the production efficiency.
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