Why high packing bags of food hygiene standards?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-17
Food bags for the consumer, cannot obtain direct ones, the outcome is after eating the food, discarded in the trash can. But in recent years, the national health department of food packaging hygiene standards requirements are increasingly strict, require the production of plastic raw materials must conform to the standard requirements. So much of the strength is not unfounded. For food packaging bags do not health, does not meet the corresponding safety standards and cause food poisoning events are common in China. Why, then, food sack can cause such a high value, and have a high demand of health standard? The most obvious role: packaging for food to provide protection. Prevent the food from outside microorganisms or other material pollution, prevent or reduce food has an irreplaceable role in oxidation and other reaction, the packing is essential for human life, and also because of the unqualified packaging has a direct influence on the human body health. Second, the food packaging also have the function of the instructions. Bags and tags to tell people how to use the packaging or food, transport, recycling or processing. Is a comprehensive food & other; Throughout the description &; 。 Again, food packaging bags have the effect of a kind of publicity and marketing. Businesses often use packaging label to encourage potential buyers to purchase goods. The food packaging design for decades has become an important and constantly changing phenomenon. Marketing communications and graphic design is applied to the bottle and, For some reason) Sales show window.
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