Why high custom plastic packaging bags. The minimum quantity

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Do bags the customer for the first time, or try to do the custom client, when asking bags manufacturer will meet a problem, the minimum quantity of an order for bags are generally not very high, given the risk control factors, many customers can't accept, hope the first batch of small custom, so that customer side pressure is small. But the minimum quantity of an order for bags for a reason, to explain the following plastic bags custom high minimum quantity problem, as well as the calculation about the minimum quantity of an order. A 1, existing technology bottleneck. Existing plastic packaging printing technology is to use gravure printing, and intaglio printing is tinted the advantages of accurate, clear printing, printing out of the bag is very beautiful! The most obvious weakness is with the version, a good version of a color about 400 ~ 600, according to the design color is specific, making bag type parameters to accounting. Such as a physical sample of the bag has to print, version to calculate by six words probably between 2400 ~ 3600. The cost of the bag is a few hair and even a few cents, if do thousands of bags, I'm afraid the version of the costs are higher than the cost of the bag, with frequent change version of the loss, outage cost, labor, etc. , there is a factory is acceptable. So the custom is a registering with the longer the more cost-effective, the more you do, the more cost can be saved. 2. So don't version of some customers will ask? Now on the market also have digital printing, but the technology is not very mature, not suitable for mass production. Second, loss problem 1. Our factory packaging printing machine is adopted by the high-speed printing presses, one minute can print about 200 meters, if the amount of not doing enough, a roll of material haven't finished, frequent change, change the concluding, in printing ink, color proofing and a series of process, probably need more than three hours, the attrition rate is very big, may reach more than 50%, this is all a packaging plant cannot accept. Third, the shelf life of raw material 1. In order to guarantee the quality of the bag, we used raw materials are ordered now. To use a roll of material, the rest of the material may be discarded. Four, minimum quantity is 1. Bag size is the key factors influencing the minimum quantity, size, the smaller the higher the minimum quantity, whereas the lower order quantity. Can be calculated by a coil 6000 meters; Such as the size of the 18 * 25 self-reliance bag, the minimum quantity = 6000/18 & asymp; 30000. 2. 10 * 10 3-side, because the bag size is small, copperplate printing might want to row two rows, then the minimum quantity = ( 6000/10) *2≈ 120000, counting loss, minimum quantity is not high. What should be paid attention to in the early period of the five, the custom because of minimum quantity is big, many customers to worry about the bag quality problem, so in the choice of packaging manufacturers, depends on its production scale, as well as the sample bag printing quality. About the packing bag of more customized information please see the other 'bags custom introduction'
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