Why do with kraft paper file cover?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
file cover literally it is easy to understand, this kind of file cover must be made by kraft paper. Now file cover many government organs, enterprises, schools and so on related institutions will be used, to say the life everywhere need to pack file cover some of the more important documents, etc. , so now that need to be so file cover, certainly need a lot of production file cover materials, kraft paper, is one of them. Have a refined in kraft paper, kraft paper used for file cover again right not to come over, pure wood pulp production, with an average of 60 g to 150 g for everybody to choose. Because from the selected file cover in the market will be able to see that the use of the general file cover won't special thick. Of course this kind of kraft paper can be used to make the envelope is also possible. Is smooth, both the quality of paper and pull strength, and so on can be used in the product above is closely related with people's life, also is a kind of paper we must have less. From these years, this paper also is to have a big market. The two products from the file cover and the envelop, need a lot of kraft paper. File cover, of course, in addition to using kraft paper, you can also use what kind of material? In fact in the United States imported kraft paper bagalso can be used to make file cover, of course, this kind of file cover is very high-grade file cover, the thickness is very thick, from about 200 ~ 300 grams are involved. See using the particularity of related industries to settle. Although this kind of paper used for file cover on the market is not a lot, but there are some small market, these small market always need someone to dig.
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