Why do the tea bags need aluminum foil or aluminum plated?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24

tea vacuum bags, including main material are using aluminum plating, the material of aluminum foil, aluminum plating so why tea bags will have access to or aluminum foil?

the first is the property of the tea, the moisture absorption and adsorption, adsorption of moisture in the air and smell very easily, if the storage is slightly improper, will lose flavor within short time, and the more high fermentation fragrant precious tea, the more difficult to keep. Put in storage after period of time, usually tea aroma, taste, color can change, had the new tea, Chen gradually.

in addition many consumers like to buy in bulk or canned tea to brew, which buys won't be a one-time bubble out, so also will encounter the problem of storage. And the aluminum foil bag or aluminized tea packaging good solve the problem, the aluminum foil bag sealing good, moistureproof shading, no smell, avoid light, moistureproof performance is good. So now more and more tea makers began to take these bags production became an independent small packaging of tea bags, a member to a bag of parsing the tea after opening the timing of the exposed to air, delay the onset of moral deterioration.

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