Why do some shampoo packing bag is difficult to tear apart

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
We usually travel in order to convenient, can carry some disposable supplies, such as a one-time bath dew, shampoo, just when to use these products, only to find that no matter from which cut to tear, packaging is not bad to tear, even bite to hard tear the bag with his teeth, seriously affect the user experience. So what causes bags is not easy to tear apart? By analysis among them a few questions for you below: 1. Material collocation problem: packaging material if using tensile strength good film, is in the process of using, is difficult to tear apart. And these bags are made from small bags, which means we tear the bag in the stress point is very small, about the size of two fingers position, even if made easy tear mouth with a great effort to tear it. Solution is to change the packaging material collocation, use easy tear film as the bag base material, although increased the cost budget, but the user experience is king! 2. Quality problems generally in addition to food packaging, such as daily necessities, cosmetics packaging is in the form of a variety of composite materials as product packaging, composite packaging material combination can be divided into: heat sealing layer, middle layer and outer layer, if there are no to control the quality during the process of composite good, so will happen in the process of using packaging film separation, packaging can't tear apart. So do custom printing packing not only want to consider the selection of the inner membrane, more want to consider the quality of composite bags. 3. Water and oil problem when we want to use the shampoo or bath, tear or dry conditions will effectively bags, because the body secrete sweat and grease, grease on inevitably when bathing and water, reduce the fingers and the friction shampoo packing bags, when tear will be very slippery.
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