Why do plastic bags broken?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Plastic bags breakage occurred during produce, transport and storage, is the enterprise common quality problems, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging specially arrange several most likely to break the following conditions: 1. Damage: automatic packaging process automatic packaging, filling the contents of the bag at the bottom of the intense shock occurs, if the bottom of the bag can't withstand the shock will appear at the bottom of the crack. 2. Delivery and product damage occurred while the accumulation of: flexible packaging bags overwhelming for the product and transport process of friction pile pressure caused by inner pressure increase, the bag burst. 3. Cause of damaged packaging process of pumping air into vacuum state, the thickness of the bags slants thin, vacuum packing bag contraction, content with hard objects, stitch or vacuum machine with hard objects ( Dirt) Puncture bag breakage. 4. High temperature cooking bags in vacuum, or high temperature and high pressure sterilization, because of pressure, high temperature resistant material shortage of damage. 5. Frozen bags because the temperature is low, harden crisp packet, frozen fracture resistance, durable thorn to poor broken bags. Damaged reason 1, automatic packaging bags the cause of the damage in the process of heat sealing strength commonly refers to the two thin film stick together, by the method of thermal bond strength after cooling completely. But in automatic packaging production line, two layers of packaging material has not received sufficient cooling time, and so are not suitable for heat sealing strength of packaging materials used for heat sealing function here in this material. At this time should be chosen hot sticky force namely data heat sealing part no cooling based on the stripping force, heat sealing materials were selected, and in order to conform to the requirements of the filling when heat sealing strength. Reaching the best hot sticky film material force is one of the most suitable temperature point, and when the temperature of the heat sealing temperature across the points after hot sticky force can show a downward trend. On the filling production line, the contents of a flexible packaging bags of heat sealing and filling almost simultaneously, because of the filled in contents, bag heat sealing part is not completely cooled, can withstand the impact and can also be compromised. Contents about the impact of the flexible packaging bag department when filling, can use hot glue pull experiment apparatus by scheduling heat sealing temperature, heat sealing pressure and heat sealing time to draw hot sticky force curve, selecting the best heat sealing parameters combination is used to produce line. 2, torn bags in the process of the storage and transport of the reason with flexible packaging bags, put in storage and transport, the stack of article and cause the increase of gas pressure in the air bag, and then caused fracture of the flexible packaging bags. Because the bearing meet more split in the material between the bounding orientation, namely the heat sealing the thin place of flexible packaging bags, thus broken bag can pass testing packaging hot sealing side heat sealing strength, and then replace the material may be adjusted to prevent heat sealing process parameters. The heat sealing strength according to the test method can be roughly divided into tensile heat sealing strength and swelling heat sealing strength. Is to be able to utilize the tensile machine to detect tensile heat sealing strength, is the packaging material in the same direction of force, force value under the condition of uniform heat sealing against the ability of separation, particularly applicable to evaluate the opening of flexible packaging bags, but not for dealing with flexible packaging bags broken bag, because the cause of broken bag bag stress direction and intrusive don't confessed, and heat sealing place near the data for the part under pressure may appear deformation, compression of flexible packaging bags of breakage. Swell heat seal strength testing requirements using the leakage and sealing strength inspection instrument, demand to the flexible packaging bags inside pressure, can detect the intensity of the worst in the whole package together the most thin bearing ( Not limited to heat sealing parts) 。 Because swell heat sealing strength can't represent the uniform strength of heat sealing, so swell heat sealing strength is associated with what is there between tensile heat sealing strength. Swell heat sealing strength and specification of flexible packaging bags, how much the shape and the use of materials. 3, food vacuum packaging damaged reasons mainly for the food vacuum packaging planning and outside two aspects reasons: (vacuum packing materials 1) The planning of the food vacuum packaging, such as the net content of contents or volume of flexible packaging materials used for the crossed under planning, in the process of transport or sell circulation and slightly affected by external force, will render torn bags, cracking problem. Generally as a vacuum bag heat sealing layer, the thickness of the material shall be not less than 50 um thick. ( 2) Food vacuum packaging material quality problems result in the crack of the product packaging to present the sealing problem, general meeting in the following respects: ( 一) Physical and mechanical functions of food packaging & ndash; — Such as the tensile force and crack percentage elongation and puncture strength, pendulum impact resistant function, peel strength, etc. , can be recognized inductive bags patience, durable thorn, impact resistance and other physical mechanical function whether agree with the packaging, storage stack and the demand of the transport process.
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