Why do people leave the plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
To the invention of plastic bags are widely used, it is closely related to people's lives, people can say now is inseparable from the plastic bags, plastic bags brought us great convenience in our lives. Like to go out shopping when don't have to take a basket or other, in the shopping mall can provide plastic bags for the guests dressed up items directly. And each person's home for trash can cover on the disposable plastic bags, it solved the worry people have clean after dumping trash cans. Precision electronic components using special plastic bags can effectively prevent the electrostatic breakdown, while not open packaging, bar code can also view the products, information, etc. Food, snack food with plastic vacuum bag can be very good isolation air, prevent bacteria from entering the breeding result in food rotting and metamorphism, and it can effectively extend the shelf life, and to ensure the safety of food, potato chips and crispy food using nitrogen filling plastic bags, can guarantee the crisp taste and to avoid oxidation. Plastic bags can many purposes because most plastic bags corrosion resistance is strong, does not react with acid, alkali, plastic manufacturing cost is low, durable, waterproof, light weight, easy to be with molding into different shapes, is a good insulation and high transparency. Plastic bags in the process of transportation, also can effectively prevent the leakage, scattered, loss, shrinkage of the product and color. In addition to this, after all is plastic, it's the tensile strength and elongation is obvious to all, has the very good protective, not like a paper easy to break, even with traditional materials such as metal, glass, plastic packaging bags of portable degree is also very high. Although plastic bags brought us a lot of convenience in life, but the garbage disposal and environmental pollution problems, is also a headache problem, we are actively solve, believe that soon biodegradable plastic material can replace the existing plastic material, in order to solve environmental pollution problems.
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