Why do most snack bags will cut fillet

by:Kolysen     2020-06-23
Snack bags material is compounded by the multilayer plastic film, and the single plastic film feel is soft, it is easy to cause people an illusion, a carelessly will make plastic edge cut finger. Don't look down upon these plastic bags, it's sometimes better than the blade sharp edges. Especially like aluminum foil material and kraft paper plastic composite packaging material. In order to avoid people in the process of using snack bags, scratch problem, we packaging manufacturers recommend customers cut fillet. From an aesthetic perspective, circular arc is popular with people, and can also have protective function. So most type bags would cut fillet, such as self-reliance bags, eight edge-sealing bag, three edge sealing bags, special bags. What are the bag type need not cut rounded corners? Such as the back seal bags, three edge-sealing bag, organ bags, four edge-sealing bag. In short, packaging done under the condition of thick, bag edge will be very hard, very high. So we will choose to cut rounded corners, so as to avoid the bag edge cut finger. And back sealing bag and organ bag by a complete film composite, two side roll, cut the rounded corners but not good-looking. ( Nuts, snack bags)
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