Why choose anti-static aluminum foil bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Why choose anti-static aluminum foil bag? Release date: 2019 05 - 24 static electricity for electronic products have affected more or less. But more electronic products chose the anti-static shielding bag packaging, to reduce or eliminate the influence of static electricity for electronic products. So, anti-static aluminum foil bag what are the advantages? General anti-static bags or anti-static PE bag, bag is made of LDPE and LLDPE blown film, adding antistatic agent to produce antistatic effect role is just to prevent electrostatic generation, which is between the internal product packaging products and packaging will have static friction etc, itself is not easy to produce static, but when the bags outside electrostatic discharge ( ESD) When, because of external shield ESD performance is bad, the inside of the bag electronics will be affected by external ESD ( Electrostatic discharge) Even damage to the influence of electrostatic sensitive device. Ordinary anti-static bags, therefore, surface resistivity index can not have the ability of external ESD shielding, for this kind of devices, usually should choose anti-static shielding bag. Anti-static shielding bag and not only has anti-static bags all antistatic performance, and shielding external personnel, equipment, electrostatic discharge of ESD and external electromagnetic radiation performance, it is composed of multilayer fine conductive and materials, is usually a translucent. Visible anti-static shielding bags for more than common anti-static bag has to prevent electrostatic advantages, such as the LED diodes, computer hard disk, PCB etc widely used anti-static shielding bag packaging. A: aluminum foil bag vacuum main material is introduced next: why choose vacuum bags?
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