Why can't a vacuum food packaging in the microwave?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Today, with everyone share once why vacuum packaging can't use the microwave.

is the use of microwave food containing water molecules as a medium, can absorb energy from the microwave, makes the molecules of violent vibration, friction, and thus generate heat, use a microwave oven friends all know that metal container is not can be directly in the microwave.

and composed of nonpolar molecule material container, they generally do not absorb or rarely absorption of microwave energy, such as plastics and glass insulators, such as they can through the microwave, and not to absorb energy from the microwave, microwave heating can be used as a container or support.

although plastic do not absorb energy from the microwave, but some plastic after heating, the stability of the he can become worse and releasing toxic substances or carcinogens, only cooking level using the plastic bags in the microwave heating to ensure food safety, generally don't heated above 120 degrees temperature, to prevent the local high temperature in the process of heating, thus releasing harmful substances to human body.

so, overall, plastic itself into the microwave oven is no problem, but the heating will make the change nature of the plastic bags, releasing toxic substances, lead to food safety problems, so the vacuum bags can't be heated in the microwave oven.

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