Why can be used as a high-temperature cooking bags of aluminum foil bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
As food industry demand is higher and higher, also can appear a lot of high-temperature cooking products on the market, and the aluminum foil material is as one kind of material is loved by the masses of users, so why is the aluminum foil bag packaging can be used as a high-temperature cooking? To chat with you.

1, aluminum foil bag sealing are especially good, blocking material performance is strong, the aluminum foil pinhole for less. Described in general, foil thickness, number of pinhole. For example, for 7 um foil, pinhole number less than 200 / m2; Aluminum foil for 9 um, pinhole number less than 100 / m2. Thickness of aluminum foil, however, pinhole aperture should not be greater than 20 um. 。

2, aluminum foil is belongs to the food safety level, cleanness of appearance is quite high. Free of grease and dirt, and the tension is higher, at more than 72 mn/m. A simple way is to test with distilled water and distilled water in the aluminum foil products appearance that we should all moist. If oil looks is more, the aluminum foil will affect the fastness and other materials, particularly after high temperature cooking bags, there will be a stripping phenomenon.

3, aluminum foil material different texture soft, cracking easily, want to have a good patience, purchases to the aluminum foil should be retained in teaching boring work state, cannot be placed too long, should be through the use of as soon as possible, avoid the aluminum foil by oxidation of absorption of moisture loss.

aluminum foil off belongs to metal, cooking and much more than 9 um packaging aluminum foil, excellent resistance to moisture, resistant to, if there is no mechanical damage and pinhole, it is totally not breathable, has good heat resistance and oil resistance, therefore, contain aluminum foil bag with full seal, oil resistant, high temperature resistant, etc.

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