Where to find high quality food packaging manufacturer?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Is food packaging bags, packaging co. , LTD. , the main operating business, how to choose a reliable food packaging manufacturers, it is not a simple matter. Small make up that demand from the following several aspects to comprehensive consideration, can choose to a high quality, reliable food packaging suppliers. A, food packaging manufacturers qualifications according to the regulations of the national food safety law, food packaging manufacturers must have the corresponding qualifications business license, production permit the two documents. Packaging business scope: production and processing; Plastic products, paper products; Printed materials. This is the normal production of food packaging manufacturer, business scope is also on the business license must be performance. Packing allow produces products: food with plastic packaging container things such as products, detail containing the compound bag, compound bag, food stuff, etc. Packing in food packaging produce quality management of ISO9001 certification, it is also a food bag quality ensured. At the same time produce food packaging products according to customer requirements supply third party product inspection certificate. Packaging products and equipment such as the national food quality supervision and inspection center of CNAS, European Union food packaging production quality supervision and inspection of SGS, Canadian food packaging production quality supervision and inspection SFCA, such as the United States food packaging production quality supervision and inspection by FDA. Here food packaging testing project is divided into mechanical function, physical and chemical functions, weather resistance functions such as three categories, refining project according to customer demand. Second, the production capacity of food packaging manufacturer here contains a composite capacity of production, color printing, bag, etc. Composite is an essential part of food bag making appropriate material an ability, because of the monolayer film has been difficult to conform to the requirements of food packaging. Compound ability here include environmental protection, ways, such as compound quality, the packing is dry, without solvent, co-extrusion three kinds of compound, viscose are used by environmental protection adhesive, composite high quality: good strength, adhesive will not overflow, solvent residual almost none. Color printing capability is the key to produce picture delicate food packaging, both testing equipment capacity, and the ability to detect the captain. Packing in the aspect of equipment with 11 color automatic high-speed gravure machine, into the roll width of 1. 25 m, at speeds up to 320 m/min. Can print 12 colors together, manual with intelligent control ink quantity, color, color printing effect is more accurate and beautiful. The captain has 20 years of professional experience in printing, for all kinds of printing, printing ink performance characteristics, the color ink mixing is very professional. Can according to the material and food bag printing needs, the deployment of ink color, ink, printing ink types. The ink used are food grade, there are high temperature resistant, resistant to low temperature and ordinary. Bag is food packaging manufacturer can provide what kind of bag type food bag's ability to reflect, now a lot of food production enterprises have automated packaging equipment, use of automatic packaging film. But sometimes small batch semi-automatic packaging needs or use products bags, maybe there are some manufacturers use automatic packaging equipment is needs to use products food bags. Has a zipper bag machine, suction nozzle bag machine, self-supporting bag, valve bag machine, bag sealer, 3-side four edge sealing machine, bag machine, eight edge-sealing bag machine, blown film, bag machine, a total of 8 kinds of bag making machine, the model can supply all kinds of comprehensive food packaging bag type. Packaging yield to the strong, quality excellent, quality control carefully. General color printing roll film supply for 7 - Color printing food packaging 10-10 days, products 15 days. Three, food packaging manufacturer of additional service additional services include supporting products, planning service, after-sale service, etc. There are many packaging can supply the products itself factory can supply the food packaging products have: blister, blister inside the box, even cover box, plastic bowl, dish, etc. ; Cooperation manufacturers supporting products, stickers, elevator, paper card, carton, etc. Planning services, is an important service to our customers supply lunch, from the company looking for planning, avoid the risk of being wild speculations. Packaging planning team have food packaging planning a big history, novel conception plan determination, laminating products. Now planning team a total of 3 people, professional design planning. After-sales service, the problems about client on the packaging, all supplies to help as much as possible, there are problems about the quality of packaging products, automatic and bear responsibility for the customer to solve the problem as soon as possible. Policy is for companies to supply the most professional value orientation package. This is food enterprise three aspects that should be considered in choosing food packaging bags, here small make up also packing in these three aspects to dissertate the city. Packaging is a strength, negative responsibility, has the policy of food packaging production enterprises, is a reliable high quality supplier. Food packaging color printing custom acquisition, packaging is trustworthy.
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