Where should pay attention to in the process of pneumatic valve bag have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Where should pay attention to in the process of pneumatic valve bag have? Release date: 2019 12 - 04 many valve bag in use process cannot leave the inflatable this link, then the valve bag what matters need attention in the process of gas? Specific introduce below: first, before and after the inflatable should pay attention to don't let the sharp objects to, had better be in bed or in clean the table, if has the hard objects such as button zipper in the storage of items, should be folded inside. In the collection bag. Clothes, quilts and other items should be placed inside the valve bag, at least 3 - to seal zipper Don't forced into 5 cm long, large items. To ensure the sealing zipper part clean, if there are fibers, dust, will reduce the sealing performance, plastic valve bag Suggestions with touch water gauze wipe clean and then close the zipper. After close the zipper, please hand clenched in a sliding vane DORA back and forth several times, to ensure the sealing of buckle two jin fully into the groove, to ensure the sealing effect. After pumping well, please check the sealing again, to ensure the seal. When using the pump screw pump helix interface to the end, hold onto the bleeding point of white rubber gasket, to ensure that the outlet does not leak, generally a large valve bag need 3 to 5 minutes (gas, under the plastic valve bag to take about three, five hundred smoke flat phenomenon will be obvious. When using pump note to smoke in a row, it is best not to stop. Home have a vacuum cleaner is the best, that is, energy saving and convenient. The cabinet or other place to store, also want to pay attention to the location have any sharp objects, so as to ensure the valve bag in good condition. A: use the plastic tips you know? Next article: the characteristics of the vacuum bag of all kinds of bags
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