When using the vacuum bags packaged food common problems and processing

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
When using the vacuum bags packaged food common problems and processing time: 2019 - 06 - 24 food use vacuum bags to packaging can prolong the shelf life of products, adhere to the original taste food, avoid food disintegration phenomenon such as mold, more and more manufacturers choose vacuum bags for packing food KuanGuangXing can see it, you should be careful in using process, seriously. Usually use vacuum bags can present packing leakage, color from, the process of using the gas inside the container cleaning packaging in packaging burst problems, if you are in the process of using the presented such problems, that is chose the unqualified products, why will appear these problems? 1, packing leakage, may be used in the process of unidentified object scratches, broken package, led to a flat, 2, color is shattered: we all know that vacuum packaging is plastic composite film, is a kind of printing film and after one or two or more of the other material through the environmental capacity of thin film thickness and in together, if presented the phenomenon of color and great may be due to the complex use of solvents in the process of too little, viscosity and the reason of unstable; 3, packaging, easy to break, this phenomenon is the packaging, the choice of the original data error problem or use inferior low unqualified material, some manufacturer in order to save money, use others abandoned low material to shoddy, formed the serious quality problems brought serious damage to the manufacturer, this phenomenon is rare. Moreover is manufacturer in customized packaging in communication with the manufacturers in addition to the problem, choose the wrong I low material of the product. The previous: fold after high temperature cooking bags sterilization next up: the reason for the composite packaging material
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