When using the plastic bags, pay attention to what problem?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Careful with plastic bags for foreign food packaging plastic bags have strict rules and regulations, and rules of ordinary food plastic packaging bags, cannot be used for food in more than 50 degrees Celsius temperature; Must be clear on food packaging can reach the highest temperature. Domestic no provisions in this respect, lead to some unqualified plastic bags great harm to body health. 1, lunch time, often see the portable plastic bags packaged food pedestrians. Most of these plastic bags is no QS certification, quite a few were made from recycled plastics such as medical waste, production may add stain, some contain organic dyes, many also contain aromatic hydrocarbons. 2, have a plenty of to health in order to avoid the spread of bacteria, but if it is not qualified plastic bags in thermal decomposition, the harm is bigger, this approach is, in fact it is not feasible, the health security method will be disinfected, or bring their own tableware.
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