What we don't know PE packaging materials

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
What material is PE bags? Today first explanation is for everyone, composite heat sealing layer is commonly used in packing bag packaging materials of PE. An overall characterization, PE material. Transparent appearance, yet a sense atomization; Soft, resilient; Low temperature resistant performance is good, moisture resistance is strong, but for oxygen, air blocking rate is low; Itself of printing performance is poor, but modified or processing, light color printing, large area of dark color printing is not recommended. Second, the classification of the PE bag materials commonly used in food packaging. PE in accordance with the production process, can be divided into three categories: high density HDPE LDPE, LLDPE linear low density and low density. Their application in the food packaging on each are not identical, performance is also slightly different. High-density HDPE material, also often referred to as the low pressure polyethylene, high temperature resistant, oil resistant performance is good, in the packing bag of meat, Fried food, can choose the material as heat sealing layer. Low density material of LDPE, commonly known as high pressure polyethylene, is PE material, the class of the most soft texture. Separately as packaging bags, such as fresh fruit, meat, etc. The transportation of refrigerated food packaging bags. Or food shopping bags, bags, etc. LLDPE linear low density material, appearance similar to LDPE, low temperature toughness, impact resistance, resistance to stress cracking, fatigue, these performance is very good. In the frozen food packaging bags, ice cream, ice cream, meatballs, frozen dumplings, such as packaging, with heat sealing layer of LLDPE material. To distinguish the high density and low density PE material methods: 1. If feel is exquisite, can compare the softness, the quality of a material of low density is more soft. 2. With her nails in material, will not leave scratches is HDPE material with high density, on the other hand, is the low density of LDPE. Three, PE food packaging materials. PE material is one of the most used materials melting chang package, and can be as a single membrane bag, also can be used as a compound bag heat sealing layer.
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