What rubbish is plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Plastic bags what is spam: 2018 - 10 - 29 garbage classification, according to certain rules or with the standard store garbage classification, classification on the classification and handling, and transformed into a series of activities of public resources. The purpose of classification is to improve the garbage resources value and economic value, trying to make. Recycling: mainly including waste paper, plastic, glass, metal, and five types of cloth. Waste paper, mainly including newspapers, periodicals, books, kraft paper bagbags of various wrappers, etc. Plastic: all kinds of plastic bags, plastic foam, plastic packaging, disposable tableware, plastic boxes, plastic hard plastic toothbrush, plastic cups, water bottles, etc. Glass: mainly include all kinds of glass bottles, broken glass, mirror, thermos, etc. Metal: mainly including cans, cans, etc. Fabric: mainly includes the discarded clothes washing a face, tablecloths, towels, bags, shoes, etc. The rubbish through comprehensive processing recycling, can reduce pollution and save resources. Recyclable garbage: recycling value is higher, can enter the garbage recycling channels. Recyclable garbage: refers to the pollution of garbage in, has certain economic value, suitable for recycling and resource utilization of waste. Mainly includes: paper, metal, glass, plastic, fabric, etc. Eat hutch garbage: refers to the residents family life and hotel organizations, institutions and enterprises and institutions canteens of perishable organic garbage, mainly includes: and the rest of the food, vegetables GuaGuoPi nuclear waste, tea leaves, used cooking oil, etc. Hazardous waste: has the characteristics of flammable, corrosive, explosive and infectious, mixed with waste likely to cause secondary pollution. Mainly includes: silver thermometer waste battery, waste fluorescent tubes, waste water, waste paint bucket, expired medicines, cosmetics, etc. Other junk: including except eat hutch garbage, living garbage, and other hazardous waste containing heavy junk, etc. Mainly includes: the abandoned toilet paper, diapers, ceramic products, sponge, travel bag, ball, flower POTS, carpet, aprons, etc. Food packaging bags belong to what garbage, recycling? Belongs to the plastic waste, recycling. Food packaging should be with food-grade plastic film production, general for more than two layers of composite packaging bags. A: pet food packaging company next article: what are the advantages and disadvantages of plastic bags
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