What problem should note when printing bread bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
A, food packaging printing to make appropriate adjustments on roller pressure, bread bag printing will be affected by any carelessness rolling rubber; If the heavy ink, solid bottom is too large will stick rubber or stick ink roller. Therefore, appropriate adjustments before printing roller pressure, add some additives or quote adhesive ink, observed at the same time avoid skew, more than double zhang, zhang and paper to ensure uniform pressure. Second, bread bag printing according to raw material thickness to adjust former level gauge and pressure gauge the ability of high and low side, at the same time to adjust the conveying plate pressure, pressure roller and the brush wheel for thicker material, pressure roller and brush wheel pressure is heavier. Detection at the same time the paper and the rules of time, as well as the side gauge and put teeth transition time, ensure the up and down and around rules accurately. Three, inky directly affects the quality of the printing quality, packing, protection and adornment important effect to the bread bags, packaging and printing quality directly affect people's aesthetic and consumption. Therefore, when printing each step of the work earnestly, will have substantial profits and quality.
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