What kind of food packing bags of desiccant are there

by:Kolysen     2020-06-28
Food packaging in general is quick lime wardrobe mostly in the form of calcium chloride on the chemistry of general use soda-lime, anhydrous cupric sulfate, 5 oxidation 2 p, sulfuric acid, calcium chloride and so on copper sulfate if crystal is not dry, can only use anhydrous copper sulfate ( White) , in general, not be a desiccant, inspection of water use ( Blue) 。 Hydrated lime is calcium sulphate, crystal water absorption can be formed, gypsum, but the effect is very poor, is generally not as desiccant can be generated with oxygen and water oxidation of iron rust, but the response is too slow. Alternative: quick lime and hydrated lime, iron, copper sulfate, which can only choose quick lime. CaO + H2O === Ca( 哦) 2
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