What is the unbleached kraft paper? Kraft paper packing factory

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
lines usually horizontal lines and vertical lines, this is because most of the paper is to use the original wood pulp manufacture, and use of softwood pulp manufacture more, usually made of wood pulp unbleached kraft paper, there is a clear pattern of the wood pulp, some like tree rings, clearly visible, itself grain will not affect the use of paper, but because of some special requirements, will require some specifications with vertical or horizontal lines. How to differentiate between horizontal lines and vertical lines, this basically is in paper cutting flat when there will be, we, for example, if you need is 787 * 1092 specifications of the flat piece of unbleached kraft paper, this time of the suppliers usually use 787 or 1092 drum specifications of the kraft paper to cutting, this time will appear the situation of the horizontal lines and vertical lines, if the drum 787 specifications of the unbleached kraft paper bagcut flat piece of a horizontal grain, so use 1092 specifications drum of kraft paper cut out is the vertical stripes. So this time explain that the designer or the customer requires the printing shop, due to the kraft paper, horizontal and vertical tension is different, this time if you're a handbag, in many cases will be blasting in transverse and longitudinal tensile requirements, according to their own needs to choose is to use the horizontal stripes are flat piece of unbleached kraft paper bagor vertical stripes of kraft paper is very important.
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