What is the material of aluminum foil bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-23
What is the material of aluminum foil bag release date: 2018 - 10 - 10 what is the material of aluminum foil bag? First of all, we know the first what is the aluminum foil bag. Aluminum foil bag and can be a pure aluminium bag, aluminum foil bag is usually of multilayer composite bags. What material is the aluminum foil bag? Our common material has: PET + AL + PE. PET+NY+AL+PE; 宠物+纽约+基地+ CPP。 Why use aluminum foil bag? Because the aluminum foil bag with opaque, silvery white, reflective properties. Therefore, the use of the advantages of aluminum foil bag: ( 1) Cut off the air performance is strong, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moistureproof. ( 2) Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, resistance to puncture tear resistance is strong. ( 3) High temperature resistant, 121℃) , good low temperature resistance, - 50℃) , oil resistant, good performance. ( 4) Avirulent insipidity, accord with standard of health food, pharmaceutical packaging. ( 5) Heat sealing performance is good, softness, high separation performance is good. The classification of the aluminum foil bag as follows: food medicinal aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bag, military industrial aluminum foil bags, electronic aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bag, intermediate of aluminum foil bag, vitamin aluminum foil bag, API aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil adhesive aluminium foil bags, aluminum foil bag, powder particles bags, energy-saving aluminum foil bags, moisture-proof aluminum foil bag, high temperature resistant aluminum foil bag, 25 kg aluminum foil bag, other aluminum foil bag. Scope of application: 1 of the aluminum foil bag. Suitable for hardware packaging, electronic products, industrial products, etc. 2. Food packaging, food, frozen food, salted meat, meat products, etc. That is what is the material of aluminum foil bag, as well as the benefits of using aluminum foil bag, the applicable scope, classification and other details. More questions about the aluminum foil bag, can seek advice cob left official customer service, answer one by one to you. The last: food packaging how to correctly choose the next: what is food packaging materials
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