What is the difference between vacuum bag of rice and rice bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
What is the difference between vacuum bag of rice and rice sacks release time: 2018 - 12 - 25 pack rice with vacuum packaging and what is the difference between woven bag? First, we need to know what are the two kinds of materials and features have? Vacuum bags also known as vacuum bag, it is all the air inside the bag out to the outside world, keep the effects of the internal for vacuum packing bag, air relative to the outside world is very scarce, lower than the outside air concentration, so the pressure inside the bag is small, microbes can't survive in the bag, to make the fruit, vegetables, cooked food preservation effect. A, rice vacuum packaging material PA/PE or PET/PE. Second, the characteristics of vacuum bags for rice high separation: can of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor, high separation effect. Stable performance, oil resistant, resistant to low temperature freezing, resistant to moisture, with good quality, fresh and smell. All in all, vacuum bag can be moisture-proof, anti-static, explosion-proof, corruption, insulation, energy saving, individual perspective, ultraviolet, low cost, small volume ratio, no pollution, the characteristics of high separation effect. Rice bag packaging is using polypropylene material such as plastic woven bag of rice in packaging, sealed with stitches. Rice bag is not pumping air into vacuum state, the function of keeping fresh, therefore, this kind of bag for insect-resistant, mouldproof, and preservation effect is poorer, but considerable capacity, can hold a lot of food. A, the characteristics of rice sacks for insect-resistant, mouldproof, and the effects of keeping fresh is bad. Large capacity, can hold a lot of rice. Load bearing and strong tensile strength. Above is the difference between characteristics of vacuum bag of rice and rice sacks, believe that have the above understanding, at any time with what kind of bag will be the right choice. For more information on the vacuum packing bag, please. In an article: rice bags customized production should pay attention to what the next one: why food sack made sawtooth mouth
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