What is the difference between new and reworked material of plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-26
The raw material of plastic bags instead of into two kinds: new material and reworked material, new material is greater than the reworked material price, that is a new material made of plastic bags to more expensive than reworked material made of plastic bags, as to how much expensive, this is not the same, because a reworked material has good and bad. Raw material discrimination is every plastic bag manufacturers should have the basic ability, the following simple for everyone to introduce these two kinds of raw materials: the difference between the new material of plastic bags, after petroleum refining, and without any late for reprocessing, milky white, glittering and translucent and transparent particles present, does not contain any impurities, exceptionally good physical properties, easy processing, use of pure raw materials in China, there are two ways, one is the domestic each big petrochemical company, the second is through imports. Plastic bags made from pure material product basic colorless, odorless, good gloss, excellent flexibility, soft handle, the mainest is health security. The reworked material of plastic bags, sources, scope is larger and disorderly, mainly from the production of convenience bag waste or the living waste plastics, various kinds of bags, and so on, the waste through recycling and then on to the next step grading, then is made after high temperature melting cutting, plastic particles, based on the recycling of waste, variety, color is rich, finally produce the particle color is not the same, does not contain the luster, compared with the new material particles far short, and produce products also not certain health security, product handle is coarser, commonly used in daily life and industry, can not be used in food packaging, which can't do food packaging bags.
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