What is the difference between kraft paper valve bag and other paper?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
Kraft paper, including corrugated board paper, cement bag paper, high-strength corrugated paper, cardboard. It's light brown. Kraft paper is made from coniferous wood sulfate this paste texture tenacity, strength and high strength wrapping paper, yellowish-brown paper can be divided into the single side, double side light from the appearance, have stripes, no stripes and other varieties, quality is slightly different. Kraft paper is used mainly for small paper bags, envelope, and industrial goods, textiles, daily provisions of the inner packing. Kraft paper is divided into U, A, B3. Compared with the bleached paper, kraft paper, has many unique advantages. For food packaging that occupy the home, kraft paper, natural brown packing looks warm and nostalgic. Wood packaging as the main body, with a rustic steakhouse, take-out food packaging kraft paper, even if is not in the restaurant also can feel the style of the restaurant. Single is kraft paper, unique appearance, also is white than the whole package more prominent. Sack kraft paper is similar to the kraft paper, mostly with coniferous wood sulfate pulp production, domestic also have mixed with some bamboo pulp, cotton stalk pulp, rag, so the paper paper, high mechanical strength, commonly used to make the packing bag of cement, pesticide, fertilizer and other industrial products. Is suitable for filling, bag paper request has the certain permeability and larger elongation.
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