What is the difference between cooking bags and water bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Today, with everyone to explain what's the difference between a retort pouch and boiled bags.

retort pouch is mainly used for all kinds of meat cooked food, use rise more convenient, this kind of bag with moisture, high temperature resistant, keep the food fresh features, in general, is divided into three kinds.

1, the general type of sterilization, the material temperature is 100 - 200 degrees Celsius, the sterilization about 30 minutes.

2 type, high temperature, the material at 121 degrees Celsius, sterilization for 45 minutes.

3, high temperature resistant type, this kind of material under temperature of 135 degrees Celsius, sterilization time is about 15 minutes.

most of water bag is PE material, able to withstand the highest temperature at 100 degrees Celsius, heat sealing property is good, but this kind of bag is water for sterilization, mainly divided into two kinds, ceremony of low temperature sterilization, sterilization about 30 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius temperatures, the second is pasteurized, at 85 degrees Celsius temperature sterilization for 30 minutes.

above is for everyone to share, you know?

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