What is the definition of packaging and printing? What are the categories?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
The definition of flexible packaging printing is simple is a kind of packaging industry technology. What are the classification of the printing? Gravure printing and flexible printing intaglio printing definition: a direct printing method, it will be contained in the pits of gravure printing ink directly imprinted on the substrates. Flexible printing definition: an elastic embossed version will ink transferred to the printing on the substrates. Printing design ( 1) Small text and line to design into a single package, avoid the polychromatic misregister. The width of the fine lines cannot be lower than 0. 1 mm, otherwise easy to lose in the printing or stroke is not clear. The net height of Chinese fonts is not less than 1. The net height of 8 mm, English font is not less than 1. 5mm。 ( 2) The white text should pay special attention to when designing, if the word is small, especially stroke is fine, to use single color. Should also pay attention to the choice of font, round head, black body, such as line body is a better choice, the song typeface, song typeface ( Thin horizontal and thick vertical) Such as strokes are too different font will be careful, if use this font, when the design should pay attention to the Chinese fonts the net height of not less than 2. 5 mm, net of English font height not less than 2 mm.
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