What is the aluminum foil bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
What is the aluminum foil bag? Life often use aluminum foil bag, but what size of packaging is aluminum foil bag? In fact we said in previous articles, most of the bags are made by two or more layers of composite film material. See above ( What is a composite bags? ) And aluminum foil bag is refers to the composite packaging material with a layer of material for aluminum foil. Speaking of which, may be someone will ask, what is the aluminum foil? Aluminum foil, everyone should be seen in the cigarette smoke which layer of the silver or gold paper is aluminum foil. Aluminum foil bag can see from the name, the aluminum foil bag not a plastic bag, or even better than ordinary plastic bags. Now when you are cold or packaged foods, and as far as possible to ensure the freshness of food, the longest you should choose what kind of packing bag? Don't have a headache when it comes to choosing what kind of packing bag, aluminum foil bag is the best choice. Common aluminum foil bag, its surface usually has the gloss properties, means it does not absorb light, and take the multilayer production, therefore, aluminum foil both good shading, also has the very strong insulated, and because of aluminum components inside, therefore also has the very good oil resistance and softness. Now, with the production and sale of counterfeit goods that have been exposed, especially the safety accident problem of plastic bags, packing bags of a primary concern is not function, but its safety. However, consumers can rest assured that the aluminum foil bag is no poison and no special odor. It is absolutely green products, environmental protection, also accord with national health standard of the aluminum foil bag. Aluminum foil bag, Anti-static aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil bag) , product characteristics of appearance: opaque, is silvery white, have the burnish, good barrier property, heat sealing, covering optical activity, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, oil resistance, fragrant; Non-toxic tasteless; Softness, etc.
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