What is red jujube bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Jujube we eat frequently, it is to a woman has very good effect, we usually are generally used when buying big jujube packaging bags, we learn about the, big jujube packaging is what kind? Red jujube bags filled with commonly: production license number, producer name and address, contact way, ingredients, storage method, expiration date, net content, packaging, brand and series, types of commodity barcodes, snacks, jujube products, specialty category, level, producing area, province, etc. , in order to better use of jujube, we should pay attention to when buying. Red jujube and jujube. Features & the vitamin content is very high, other Natural vitamin pill & throughout; A reputation for that. Chinese herbal medicine books which recorded in 'the classics', red jujube flavour gan wen, belongs to the spleen and stomach, invigorating the replenishing qi and nourishing blood in the nerves, ease of medicinal function; The modern pharmacology is found, jujube contains protein, fat, sugars, organic acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, A variety of trace calcium and amino acids such as rich nutrition. Jujube of temperature, taste gansu, qi blood, spleen and stomach, remove the wind effect, for the treatment of allergic purpura, anemia, hypertension, acute or chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis patients increased serum transaminase, and to prevent transfusion reaction and so on all have ideal effect; Jujube contains triterpene compounds and ring adenosine phosphate, have stronger suppressor, allergy effect; Jujube contains the anti-fatigue effect of the material, it can enhance the endurance of people; Jujube still has the effect that reduces the toxic substance to the liver damage; Date of flavonoids, has composed a drop in blood pressure effect.
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