What is food packaging bags, classification have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
What is the packaging? Food packaging bags, is a kind of packaging design, in life in order to facilitate preservation, storage, to produce the product packaging. Food Packaging is refers to the direct contact with Food, used for holding and protecting the membrane Food containers, English name is: Food Packaging Pouch Food Packaging should use Food grade plastic film production, generally the bags for more than two layers of composite material. Shall indicate the information on the food packaging should be consistent with GB21660 - No. 2008 standard requirement. The classification of food packaging have? A lot of food packaging classification method. If press techniques can be divided into: waterproof moisture-proof packaging, packing, mouldproof, modified atmosphere packaging, quick-frozen packing, breathable, microwave sterilization packaging, aseptic packaging, plastic packaging, vacuum packaging, DNA packaging, blister packaging, packaging, stretch packaging, cooking bags, packaging, etc. Food packaging can be divided by the scope of its application: ordinary food packaging bags, food bags, plastic food packaging bags, vacuum boiled food packaging bags, cooking food and functional food packaging packaging bags. According to the bag type classification can be divided into: three autoregulating, four edge sealing, back sealing/seal, eight autoregulating, self-supporting bag/standing bag, zipper bag, valve bag, self-supporting zipper bag, suction nozzle bag, special-shaped bag.
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