What is a nylon vacuum bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
Vacuum bags in our daily life more and more, and now a lot of food with such bags to packaging can guarantee the quality of the products, avoid food spoilage, make shelf life longer. The vacuum packaging material has a lot of kinds, so what is the nylon vacuum bag? Nylon vacuum bag ( PA) : the packing bag of nylon vacuum packaging is a kind of very tough, good clarity, and has good gloss, high tensile strength, tensile strength, but also has good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance, excellent wear resistance, durable thorn, and compare the soft, resistance is oxygen, but for poor water vapor barrier property, moisture absorption and moisture permeability is bigger, poor heat sealing property, suitable for packing hard objects, such as fatty foods, meat, Fried foods, cooking food, vacuum packaging, etc. 【 Plastic bags 】 【 Aluminum foil bag]
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