What is a frozen bags?

by:Kolysen     2021-01-12
What is a frozen bags? With the continuous development of society, people's living standards improve, speed up the pace of life, reduce the kitchen work become people's needs, and frozen food with its convenient, delicious, variety favored by people, this frozen bags is especially popular. So frozen bags need to pay attention to what issues? Frozen bags to accord with the requirement of large circulation, from the production, transportation to sales, keep frozen product quality characteristics, to prevent contamination of bacteria and harmful substances. Frozen dumplings, for example, many consumers to resist some brand after a consumer behavior no longer buy, its a lot of reason is a poor packaging materials dumplings moisture loss, lipid oxidation and air drying, yellowing, cracking, hardcover, such as clams taste quality problem. Now, frozen food safety problems are more and more get people's attention. Main aspects affecting the safety of frozen food are: one is the quality of processed food raw materials of fresh; The second is whether the process is polluted; Three packaging quality is good or bad, whether to break the bag pollution; Four is whether the entire cold chain. So, frozen bags should pay attention to? That should be paid attention to for refrigerated packing place has seven aspects: the packaging standards and regulations; The second is the characteristics of frozen food and its protection condition; The performance of the three, packaging materials and the applicable scope; Four is a food market positioning and circulation area; 。 Five is an integral structure and material of frozen food packaging; Six is the reasonable structure of packaging design and decoration design; Seven is packaging testing. Good frozen bags must be has five features: one is to have a high barrier property, to prevent contact with oxygen and moisture volatilizes product; Second, the impact resistance and puncture resistance; Third, low temperature resistant, even in - packaging materials 45 ℃ low temperature circumstances not deformation, not brittle. Four is the oil resistance; Five is health, prevent pervades migration of poisonous and harmful substances in food. Frozen food packaging to meet the requirements of the large circulation from the production, transportation to sales, keep frozen product quality characteristics, to prevent contamination of bacteria and harmful substances.
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