What is a food bag packaging and printing?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
Print on the packaging and printing refers to the packaging decorative pattern, design or text, to make products more attractive, or more descriptive. Packaging and printing, 包印刷) And in a variety of packaging materials for the main products of printing. English: the packaging of goods containers or bandage, containing, such as packaging, packaging process. Packaging is the commodity production process in the circulation process to continue, is an indispensable goods into the circulation and consumption field conditions. The role of packaging has the following several aspects: (1) realized commodity value and use value, and is a kind of means to increase the value of goods; (2) to protect the goods from the sun, wind, rain, dust from the natural factors, such as prevent volatilization, leakage, melting, contamination, collision, squeezing, loss and theft losses; (3) to the circulation, transport, storage, sales to bring convenience, such as loading and unloading, inventory, palletizing, shipping, receiving, transport, sales count etc; (4) beautification goods, attract customers and helpful to the sales. Packaging refers to the design and production of the container or binder in a series of activities. Packaging as the service industry of the national economy, along with China's rapid growth of our socialist construction, especially since the reform and opening, under the socialist market economic system, packaging industry developing rapidly, forming a paper, plastic, metal, glass, printing, machinery as the main form, have some modern technology and equipment, a complete modern industrial system. China's packaging industry has more than 20 years of time, covered in developed countries nearly 40 years of development, basically changed & other; First-class products, secondary packaging, third-rate price & throughout; In the situation. Packaging industry has risen from a decentralised backward industry, develop into a possesses a relatively complete modern technology and equipment, classification of complete industrial system. Distinctive features of the development of packaging industry today is packaging market internationalization, the development of packaging industry globalization, countries in the development of packaging industry correlated and dependent degree is becoming more and more big. Into the store, almost anyone understand what is the packaging. But once engaged in packaging design, but will often be dazzling commodity brands, a variety of packaging form and pop & other; Advice & throughout; Out of the main vein. Although different countries under the definition of packaging are the concise and clear provisions, such as the United States as follows: the packaging is prepared for the product shipped and sales behavior. In the UK for: the packaging is for goods transportation and sales on the art, science and technology of preparation. Canada considered packaging products from supplier and submit it to the customer or consumer tools and can keep products in good condition. Definition of our country under the packaging had had: for protection products in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote the sales of the floorboard of the AIDS, etc. Color mix if the colour packaging printing decoration design after fully conceived, from the three primary colors of yellow, magenta, green to three three red, green, blue, and then to four complex color purple, bronze, olive green, black, can be combined into a new form of expression, as if you know the different ink color hue ( Hue) , different brightness and different ink color chroma portfolio mix together, also can give a person a kind of soft and harmonious feeling of beauty. Throughout the color of the packaging and printing ink color chooses both at home and abroad, in addition to the three primary colors, great majority is composite color, complex ( Us) Color mixing is in itself a color science, the configuration of the packaging and printing color finally with our visual examination and its effect, good, the bad and the advantages and disadvantages. The use of packaging printing decoration color to the goods, we need to decorate a variety colors, constantly adjust working and living environment, can give a person a benign stimulation, is helpful to improve the quality of our work and life. The same environment of commodity packaging decoration coexist with several colors, so the coordination between the colour is always don't finish our research topic. Such as complementary ( Red and green) Color ( Two kinds of color addition is white) , sometimes is bad to can give a person the sense with tacky, mix well, will give a person the sense with strong and smart. Pale yellow with red brown, with yellow color close, between tonal close to the person with the beauty of harmony. Sea-bound variegated dark green and light green, the color is pure and dazzling. The decolorization and colour collocation method at the same time, give a person the sense with lively, and eye protection. Red, white and blue three color in a package at the same time, give a person feel is: red hot, pure white, blue is grave, reflect a kind of goods from the United States. Although our country has been developed in the early 1950 s China color chromatography, and 56 enterprises in more than 4000 varieties as presently unified P, T, A, W, Z 86 five types of printing ink, 29 and successively developed testing standards. Combined with various packaging and printing ink factory of printing ink color in the packaging and printing enterprise propaganda and sends out, as a packaging and printing and printing ink designers and workers should not be limited by the boundaries of the existing ink color and hue, can often use munsell color figure physical contributes presents Chinese color system and electronic computer color matching, to meet the different requirements of users are increasing gradually.
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