What is a food bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-18
Generally made of polyethylene PE PP polypropylene, used for food packaging. Almost all used in plastic resin. Resin is the main ingredient in plastic, adhesive role, other plastic components can be consolidated into a whole. Although to join all kinds of additives can change the nature of the plastic, resin is decided to plastic type, performance and use of the underlying factors. Display of main material is commonly polyethylene polypropylene PP, PE bags widely in food packaging manufacturer packs must have QS certification of synthetic resin in almost all the synthetic resin in the plastic. Resin is the main ingredient in plastic, adhesive role, other plastic components can be consolidated into a whole. Although to join all kinds of additives can change the nature of the plastic, resin is decided to plastic type, performance and use of the underlying factors. In the plastic decorative materials commonly used in resin types are: polyethylene ( PE) , PVC ( PVC) , polystyrene, PS) And phenolic ( PF) , urea-formaldehyde ( UF) , epoxy ( EP) , polyester ( PR) , polyurethane ( PU) , polymethyl methacrylate ( PUMA) , organic silicon, SI) And so on. Depending on what happens when heated, synthetic resin and can be divided into two kinds of thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resins. Hardening of the thermoplastic resin is heated to soften, cooling performance, and can't afford to chemical reaction, no matter how many times repeated heating and cooling, it can keep this performance. All with thermoplastic resin molecular structure are linear. It contains all the polymer resin and partial condensation resin. Thermoplastic resins: polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyamide, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, polyphenyl ether, polysulfone, rubber, etc. The advantages of the thermoplastic resin is easy to processing molding, has high mechanical energy. The disadvantage is that poor heat resistance and rigidity. Thermosetting resin after heating to produce chemical changes, it hardens forming, heat nor soften again, also can't dissolve. Thermosetting resin molecular structure of the body, which includes most of the condensation resin, thermosetting resin has the advantage of high heat resistance, pressure is not easy to deformation. The downside is poor mechanical properties. Thermosetting resins with phenolic resin, epoxy, amino resin, unsaturated polyester, and silicon ether, etc. Filling material filling material can be improved and the performance of the reinforced plastic. For example: add fiber can improve the mechanical strength of plastic; Can add asbestos reinforced plastic heat resistant performance; Join mica can enhance plastic electrical insulating performance; Add graphite, molybdenum disulfide, can improve the resistance to friction and wear properties of plastics. Add filling material can also reduce the cost of plastic. Adding plasticizer can improve plastic plasticizer plastic plasticity and softness, reduce the brittleness. Commonly used plasticizer are: phthalic acid, dibutyl phthalate dioctyl, tricresol phosphate ester, camphor, diphenyl ketone, etc. Curing agent curing agent also known as curing agent and curing agent. Its main role is to make the molecular structure of linear molecular structure of polymer/couplet body, making a thermosetting resin. Is commonly used in phenolic resin curing agent for methenamine ( Six methylene tetramine) 。 Commonly used epoxy resin curing agent with amine and acid anhydride. Colorants into plastic colorants, can make the plastic color and luster. Often used in a variety of pigment and dye colorant, sometimes also used to produce fluorescence or phosphorescence of paint. Many plastic stabilizer in the processing and product use, due to heat, light or the role of oxygen, prematurely is degraded, the phenomenon such as oxidation chain scission, crosslinking, and make the material performance go bad. To stabilize the quality of plastic products, prolong service life, usually add stabilizer in its composition. Commonly used stabilizers have stearic acid salt, white lead, epoxide, etc. Other additives in plastics processing, in order to release and make products is bright and clean, often need lubricant, commonly used lubricants with fatty acid and its salts. In order to make the plastic products such as plastic sakaguchi, plastic carpet, antistatic, adding antistatic agent, in order to improve the surface electric conductivity, make charged plastic discharge quickly. In order to make the plastic products have better performance, to adapt to the different using requirements, there are: antioxidants, uv absorber, flame retardant agent, foaming agent, FaGuangJi, balsam, etc.
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