What factors will affect the transparency of the vacuum packing bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
What factors will affect the transparency of the vacuum packing bag? Release date: 2019 05 - Twenty one. Adhesive itself color too deep, deep yellow, yellow, red, sometimes even make dark soy sauce soup, on the film and the corresponding color. In demanding situations of transparency, therefore, choose high micro yellow or colorless transparent glue adhesion agent. two The transparency of base material. The inner base material surface rendering sharkskin, flow mark, the apparent quality problems such as crystal point, will seriously affect the transparency of the vacuum packing bag. Transfer to the graphic part when printing ink mist version of the dirt, also significantly influence the transparency of the composite membrane. 3. With glue. Not appropriate with glue program will lead to the main agent and curing agent is not fully mixing. Colloidal particles may be produced. Four. Vacuum bags have obvious appearance defect such as glue spots. Five. Bake, improper temperature setting. A began to enter the path when the temperature is too high, dry quickly, make the glue layer on the surface of the solvent evaporated quickly, causing surface glue solution concentration of local enhancement, surface crust, after the internal heat into the glue liquid layer, under the skin membrane solvent evaporation, break through the film, forming volcanic vents that ring, a circle, also make the sub uneven, also called orange peel shape ( Close observation with the naked eye, feel the appearance of the composite membrane products like orange peel uneven, so the orange peel shape) , causing the opaque. Therefore baked road from the entrance to the exit temperature should be gradually rise, from low to high, there is a gradient, let solvent in order to continuously from internal to external evaporation. In addition, when the glue, rubber in the drying process is relatively easy to produce the rubber cover defects. In short, the vacuum bags are many factors that affect transparency is undesirable, it shall be from the actual situation and superficial phenomenon, judgment, and to solve them. To make a good product must be from several aspects to obtain, and corresponding prevention measures without production well enough. A: on the characteristics of the giant vacuum bags under a: vacuum packing bag why wrinkles?
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