What do you think plastic bag is what material? Supermarket plastic bag use is what material?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
What do you think plastic bag is what material? Supermarket plastic bag use is what material? What do you think plastic bag is what material? What is the material supermarket use of plastic bags? Plastic bags used in our daily life most is two kinds of material, LDPE and HDPE, respectively is PE material and PO for short. What do you think that plastic bag is what material? Materials commonly used in zipper bag and valve bag, PE material properties is relatively soft, rubbing the voice of the smaller or more depressing, most of the PE plastic bags are transparent, of course, there are colored. PE materials are mostly light, is reflective of sex is better. PE material because of its texture is used mostly on some brand shopping bag. Supermarket to use plastic bags are generally not PO material, its characteristic is hard and brittle, rubbing will have more ring of rip, surface reflection. The material of garbage bags used is also PO material, PO material hardness is higher, the thickness under the condition of low toughness is better, so garbage bags and shopping bags are generally use PO materials. Plastic material 1 PE plastic bags commonly used material is PE material, PE bag in the packaging industry usually refers to the packing bag of LDPE material production, PE material application range is very wide, many functional different bags will use this material. PE material is polyethylene, an organic polymer compound, is one of the most widely used polymer materials. PE material could be used to make bag, flat pocket, as self-adhesive bags, Courier bags, zipper bag, valve bag, compound bag, etc. , basic covers all function design. PE not dyeing is usually transparent texture, texture and wax close to, but the transparency is not particularly high, when the thickness of the bags to use thicker, will be a bit hazy, can not compare with transparent PP material. Polyethylene insoluble in water, water absorbing capacity is small, is to some organic solvent, chemical industry, such as toluene, acetic acid, etc. , is only slightly above 70 ℃ temperature have some dissolved. But makings of polyethylene particles, can also be at 15 ℃ - Between 40 ℃ melting or solidification, along with the change of temperature at higher temperatures melt, absorbing heat; At lower temperature solidification, gives off heat. In direct contact with food usually use PE material, because PE is harmless to human body, the security is higher, no toxicity, bag making good performance and price are at the same time, choose the PE material for making so many bags. 2 PO PO materials used for making plastic bags commonly, PO also is a kind of broad sense is also belong to the PE, HDPE, high density of low pressure polyethylene. PO materials are widely used in all kinds of bags, vest bags, packaging bags, convenient bag. PO materials such as the general plastic bags made of quality of a material is relatively hard, brittle, rubbing will rip the voice of the rip. Do not add pigment to make PO packing transparency is low, and similar frosted texture, but feels more smooth. PO material because of the hardness is higher, has also been used to make bag and punching bag, due to the PO material of low cost of raw materials, is making this kind of bag of choice. PO can also be used to make compound bag, because of its hardness, tensile strength and creep is better than that of low density polyethylene; Wear resistance, electrical insulation, good toughness and the cold resistance; Good chemical stability, at room temperature, does not dissolve in any organic solvent, acid, alkali and corrosion of various salts; Thin film of water vapor and air permeability of small, low water absorption. PO not only applied to packaging industry, also widely used in all kinds of plastic packaging supplies, such as shampoo, bleach, oil, etc. , but its aging resistance is poor, the environment cracking resistance than low density polyethylene, especially hot oxidation will make its performance, so the resin need to add the antioxidant and uv absorber, etc to improve improve the deficiency of. ENDPE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA
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