What are the tea packaging material

by:Kolysen     2020-06-30
Tea packaging due to the difference of the design purpose, style and use of different raw materials processing and production, the basic types of processed raw materials can be roughly divided into plastic, metal, bamboo, wood, ceramics etc. All kinds of raw materials in the making, its have different advantages and disadvantages, and at the same time the same category of raw materials as are its internal according to their advantages and disadvantages and divided into different level. A, plastic composite tea bags plastic composite materials are mainly divided into the basic raw materials such as aluminum foil, aluminum plating species, its use in tea packaging mainly according to its packaging tea storage requirements, including aluminum foil and aluminum plating is mainly applied to vacuum type of tea packaging production. Characterized by a high air tightness, high light, high air tightness, high moisture resistance, and good solve the problem of packing internal oxygen, good for long time storage. Second, metal cans, iron tea packaging is particularly common one of the types of tea packaging. Iron as the main raw material of machining, the common has tin-coated iron processing raw materials ( Level 1 tin) Iron, iron sand, coarse sand, one gold, double gold, etc. , including tin-coated usually used for welding process more complex tea packaging production, its itself has very good stamping resistance and corrosion resistance. And fine sand, coarse sand iron iron iron material usually use for the cans, with cover of stamping production, this is due to the requirements of the stamping is low, and the requirement of printing is not high. Tin can is the best tea container storage. Tin is generally used in food industry at home and abroad, is one of the best material for food packaging. Have & other; Green metal & throughout; Said. Because tin can possess strong antioxidant capacity, good air tightness, low permeability rate, good conductivity, no peculiar smell, etc, is often regarded as a stored tea and tea utensils. According to the relevant agency inspection, the use of tin can store tea can keep the taste and quality of the tea for a long time, storage time can be more than eight years. Three, synthetic paper paper as one of the most common raw materials of the tea packaging, its low cost and high cost performance which makes today's tea packaging production and sales business. Paper is divided into important according to the hardness of raw materials, can be printed to segmentation. In accordance with its hardness usually has double, single copper paper, white paper double copper paper, etc. , often used in handbags production and box skin glue framed, besides the grey board and lead plate is one of the commonly used paper packaging materials, used in in the gift box of the internal structure and build on. Four bamboo, glass jar, POTS, cans, wooden box, carton glass jar is excellent resistance gas well protected against dampness, but pervious to light, fragile, heavy, expensive. POTS can avoid light but similar to glass jars are fragile, heavy, bamboo pot, box class if mishandled, easy to cause the tea absorption odor absorption and air, cartons or paper bags easy to moisture absorption is broken, and these materials are not ideal tea packaging materials. But based on the nested a plastic vacuum bags can avoid such problems as the tea taste change changing.
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