What are the printing method of plastic bags?

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Plastic bags what printing method of plastic materials in accordance with the structure and the way of intaglio printing, letterpress printing, screen printing, flexo packaging printing, indirect intaglio printing and composite packaging and printing, etc. ( 1) Gravure printing is mainly packaging printing plastic film, used to manufacture all kinds of plastic bags, etc. Gravure gravure for short, is four kind of way of packaging and printing of packaging and printing way. Gravure printing is a kind of way of packaging and printing directly, it will dent gravure printing ink in direct printing on substrates, the depth of the printed image level is determined by the size and depth of the indentation, if the dent is deeper, is containing the printing ink, printing pressure on substrates to stay after the ink layer thick; If, in turn, shallow grooves, the printing ink of the content is less, printing pressure on substrates to stay after the ink layer is thinner. Gravure printing is printed by one after another and paper draft article figure corresponding to dent and print of the surface layer. Packaging and printing, the printing ink is filled in the dent, print surface printing ink ink scraper scrape, print and substrates has certain pressure to touch, the printing ink transfer within the dent on substrates, complete the packaging and printing. Gravure printing as printing technology category, because its printing ink layer thick, bright color, high color saturation, print high rate of resistance to print, print quality is stable, and the advantages of packaging and printing speed in packaging and printing and paper map publishing industry occupies a very important dominant position. ( 2) Letterpress is mainly flexo packaging and printing. Flexo packaging printing printed version with photosensitive resin materials to make plate, solid glue on the adjustable to repeat size of the print roller, by a computer carved inked hole of metal material and ink roller ink, anilox roller transfer ink is controlled by another ink roller or ink scraper transport of ink. Flexo packaging printing is a liquid or fat printing ink transfer printing on all kinds of printing material, one can be as high as 12 color, easy to use, is the plastic printing industry in the development of new type of packaging and printing. Flexo packaging printing still belongs to the scope of letterpress, but because of its print, oil pressure and printing process is different from the traditional letterpress, has wide adaptability to the substrates, packaging and printing cost is cheap, and has a good effect of packaging and printing, extensive applicable to all kinds of plastic packaging bags, soft packaging and composite packaging, etc. ( 3) Silk screen printing screen printing is mainly used for packaging and printing plastic film and has all kinds of containers of extrusion, but also the printing transfer printing material, used to turn YinWenTu in special shape plastic products. Screen printing is refers to using screen version as a base, and use the light induced printing plate making way, make it contains the figure of silk screen print. Screen printing is composed of five basic elements, silk screen print, scraper, printing ink, packaging and printing machine and its substrates. Use screen print graphic part of the mesh can be through the printing ink, the text part figure mesh is not completed by the principle of printing ink packaging and printing. Packaging and printing in screen print one-sided in printing ink, with scraper for silk screen printing ink on the print position increase certain pressure, at the same time the screen print another head moving average, printing ink scraper from part of the article in mobile squeeze onto substrates in the mesh ( 4) Special packaging printing special packaging printing is different from the traditional way of packaging and printing other packaging and printing, including inkjet packaging printing, packaging printing, packaging and printing bar code, gold and silver ink LCD packaging printing, magnetic packing printing, pearl printing, hot stamping electrochemical aluminum, etc. 1 gravure printing effect comparing several compared several kinds of printing, intaglio printing effect is the best way, at the same time because of the fast printing speed, also widely quoted and composite packaging printing, one disadvantage is a print's price is higher, usually ranging from 500 to 2000. Effect of intaglio printing: 2 letterpress printing letterpress printing mainly used in the field of plastic packaging bags Yu Chongkong bag, vest bag, shopping bag, and other products, most of only one or two color printing. Letterpress: PE/PO/PP/PVC/CPE/PPE/OPP/EVA
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