What are the packing bags of dried fruit model

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
Dried fruit bags are familiar, is not strange for everybody, dried fruit of their own lack of preserve one's health, after dinner at some samples! Along with the development of the cultural level, people to the entrance to the exquisite is also more and more strong, for the class of the dried fruit packaging is also improved. For dried fruit packaging design, design is roughly divided into the following kinds: dried fruit bags, dried fruit 3-side, four edge-sealing bag of nuts, dried fruit eight edge-sealing bag, dried fruit self-reliance frame bags and so on the many kinds of styles. Dried fruit 3-side is the most common three autoregulating, upper, left and right side the front cover or half cm, into the product after the customer to seal below. Dried fruit four edge-sealing bag on the market at present the most popular style, can open bag left and right sides, volume is larger, the sealing is strong, level is higher, but the cost is higher than other style of bag type! Dried fruit eight edge-sealing bag eight edge-sealing bag, just as its name implies is eight at the bottom of the sealing side, four sealing side of the side of each side two sides, this bag is a new bag of nearly two years rise, many current electricity well-known brands are in with this kind of bag type, typical three squirrel, loulan honey, qi thyme, eight edge-sealing bag because its stereo feeling good, looks more show class, high-end atmosphere, popular with consumers. Dried fruit independent frame bag can stand on its own, the upper with zipper, can kneading, convenient to carry, is the most popular on the market at present a type bag! Whether you want to do that kind of bag type of dried fruit bags, are you most loyal backing, our efforts for your satisfaction.
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