What are the information of food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Food packaging what are the information on the release date: 2018 - 10 - What are the information of 08 food packaging bags? A lot of information on food packaging is not complete, incomplete, then the cameroonian left detailed summarizes some information on the food packaging should have? 1. Production date, date of production means food be the date of the final product. 2. Trademark: the trademark belongs to the brand in the relevant government departments registered as trademarks in accordance with the law, shall be protected by law, and have right to exclusive use of registered. 3. Code: the code is the width of the range of multiple article black and white space, arranged according to certain encoding rules, used to express a graphic identifier. 4. Production license, production license is granted permission in accordance with the production of the product certificate. 5, food name, product standard no. 7, shelf life: 6 shelf life is the best time for food. 8, save method: food preservation methods commonly used are: low temperature preservation, cold storage, heat preservation, dehydration, salt, sugar, etc. 9, 10 edible method, ingredients: ingredients are product raw materials, including name, and quantitative information. 11, nutritional ingredients: Chinese food labeling nutrient reference value. Net, net content: content refers to removing the packaging container, only the weight of the product. 13, manufacturers: is the manufacturer of the product. 14, address: the manufacturer's address. 15, telephone: the manufacturer's contact phone number. 16, fax: manufacturer's fax. Above is the information on food packaging. A: cooking bags, high temperature cooking bags is what material the next: pet food packaging company
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