What are the important information on food packages

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
'Food health law' regulation, stereotypes packaged food must be on the packaging or product specifications according to different products in accordance with the relevant provisions mark: name, origin, producer name and address, contact number, production date, batch number or code, specifications, or weight, the formula or principal ingredients, shelf-life, method of consumption or use, etc. Production license, the hygiene license, if there is system certification should also be labeled, executive standard number. Food product manuals, and shall not contain exaggerated or false advertising. Food packaging must be clear and easy to recognize. In the domestic market sales of food, must have the Chinese label. The most important is the production date and shelf life. Everyone before buying food food should pay attention to the food or not due, resolutely do not eat expired food, harmful to the body. Shelf life refers to pre-packaged food in the tag specified storage conditions, keep the quality of the deadline. In this period, the product is completely suitable for sales, and keep the don't have to explain or has been indicated in the label of unique quality. Followed by is the nutrition label, to intuitive understanding of food energy, carbohydrate, protein, fat, sodium, such as the amount of nutrients, according to their own physical condition to choose suitable and delicious food. Is the ingredient list, again, be in namely manufacturing or processing of food, and being ( Include in the form of modified) In any material of products, including food additives. Understand ingredients after clear of food ingredients and tastes, whether for you. Finally, the directions for use and precautions of and manufacturer information. Matters needing attention in this food contains general emblem of sensitization material as well as the applicable people, as well as in consumption and the matters needing attention in the process of storage. And what's the problem with food after the need to contact the manufacturer. Actually in the process of daily purchase food brands and manufacturers are also very important, after all, the entrance to the food choices carefully.
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