What are the important information on food packages

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
According to the regulation of 'food safety law' article 42, & other; Pre-packaged food shall have a label on the package. The tag shall be marked the following items: ( A) Name, specification, net content, date of production; ( 2) Ingredient or ingredients; ( 3) Producer's name, address, contact way; ( 4) Shelf life. ( 5) Product standard number; ( 6) Storage conditions; ( 7) The use of food additives in the common name in the national standard; ( Eight) Production license number; ( 9) Laws, regulations and other matters of food safety standards shall be marked. Advocate complementary foods for infants and young children, and other specific populations, the label shall also indicate the main nutritional components and their content. ” In addition, packaged food must obtain a & other; QS” Certification, so, you in to buy food, in addition to look have & other; QS” Signs, but also need to look at whether there is the label information on food packaging, despite the above contents are not necessarily completely safe food, but at least will be relatively a bit more formal, trust degree can also be a little higher. Also, now a lot of people like to buy the so-called imported food what of, to import pre-packaged food, should you have any Chinese labels, instructions in Chinese. Moreover, labels and specifications shall conform to the provisions and the provisions of other relevant laws and administrative regulations in China and the requirements of national food safety standards, contain the origin of food as well as the domestic agent name, address, contact way. Without Chinese labels, instructions or labels, instructions in Chinese not in accordance with the provisions of this so-called import pre-packaged food, not illegally imported, imported food is fake.
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