What are the function of high temperature cooking foil bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
High temperature cooking foil bags usually refers to the lu: su composite vacuum bags, and such products are mainly applied in large precision machinery equipment, chemical raw materials, medical, and be able to form light luster, reflection ability is strong, the product can make heat insulation packaging, its good barrier property, and tight gas and water vapor, and strong adaptability to temperature, the high temperature or low temperature stable shape, shading and protect good incense, etc. And after with other high separation sandwich composite material made of aluminum foil bag products, but also has good resistance wet, block, avoid light, high permeability and the function of the beautiful, so they can be vacuum packaging. These products are completely in line with the requirements of environmental protection. High temperature cooking foil bags are widely used in food cooking food, beverage, pickles, dried food, chicken, duck, pork ribs, etc. , can also be used to extend shelf life. High temperature cooking foil bags commonly made from polyethylene ( PE, CPP or polypropylene, or two-way stretch polypropylene BOPP) / nylon ( PA) / aluminum foil ( AL) / polyester ( PET) Composite after the formation of a composite packaging materials, and the aluminum foil bag moistureproof waterproof effect is better, thus can be widely used in all kinds of food, cosmetics, large machinery and equipment, precision instruments and meters and other products packaging. In high-temperature cooking foil bags can also be coated anti-static fluid, the surface can make have excellent antistatic effect, mainly used in packaging and electronic products, precision components, circuit boards, IC encapsulation.
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