What are the factors affect the price of plastic packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-11-15
Prices tend to be people's attention to a subject, but when you are doing sales you will find that when customers ask you prices, in general, it is difficult to answer. In plastic bags, for example, in the process of sales, customers will often tell you to do what kind of plastic bags, and then ask the price. In general, it is difficult to answer. Because the plastic bags there are many factors that can affect the price of plastic packaging bags of. Factors that can affect the price of plastic bags: 1, the material selection of plastic packaging materials directly decide the cost of packaging bags, such as our common material with PET, PE, aluminum plating, OPP, RCPP, nylon and so on, sheet is PET material has several points, PE ( Boiled frozen) 、PE( Vacuum) 、PE( Ordinary) White, PE and so on. Each kind of material procurement cost is different, property is different. Need according to the needs of customers. 2, printing color general packet contains five primary colors, and printing ink requires a certain cost, so in this regard, types of color printing bag, packing bag will affect the size of the ink dosage, customer requirement for the quality of printing ink, will directly affect the price. 3, the size of the size is according to how much content, area, the effects of size on the price is very large, it will be in the amount of ink, the amount of material, thus affecting the whole plastic bags quotation. 4, loss of production loss in the process of production, different kinds of plastic bags, production process is different, of course, ultimately affect how much loss, loss is big, less waste, can affect the quotation. So we can not blindly to offer, need to ask the customer to the size of the sample and need to be customized size, we passed the board production, to know the product cost, in order to accurately quote to the customer, without playing board to offer, is not accurate, to the customer, to manufacturers, also have no security.
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