What are the difference between the vacuum bags and cooking bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Vacuum packing bag and the packing bag of cooking bags are more common in daily life, for everyone here summarized vacuum bags and high-temperature cooking bags of similarities and differences: vacuum packing bag and called to bags, it is will do our best to exhaust the air inside the packing, shrinking by the volume of packing materials, cause the packaging bag is not easy to move, clinging to avoid impact and packaging, can prevent the oxidation of the built-in objects, a common bacteria and anaerobic bacteria breeding, thus easy to carry, not easily broken, can prolong the built-in content of shelf-life. High temperature cooking bags used for high temperature steaming or boiling sterilization of plastic flexible packaging bag is cooking bags, should first take time to deal with when its packaging, whether the air inside the bag, it is difficult to within the heat conduction to kill bacteria. The air in the packaging, also encounter thermal expansion will burst packet. Two bags have in common and the difference between: vacuum packaging and high temperature cooking bags have in common is that all must use gas blocking performance good plastic film production. Their difference is the vacuum bags, don't need to be heated cooking, but high temperature cooking bags must be vacuum, vacuum packaging can not all oxygen. So on choosing packaging made of thin film, vacuum bags only need to use oxygen resistance, resistance performance good film. High-temperature cooking bags of thin films are in addition to the requirements of good barrier property ( Air resistance, the resistance of oxygen) , high heat resistance ( Can stand the high temperature cooking) , but also need film has good water vapor permeability, printing ink and composite adhesive glue agent also asked with good resistance to high temperature.
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