What are the classification of the self-supporting zipper bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-19
What are the classification of the self-supporting zipper bag release date: 2018 - 12 - 03 to so far, self-supporting zipper bag varieties mainly include the following five categories: 1, common self-reliance bag: common types of self-reliance bag, choose four edge banding structure, cannot repeat closed and open repeatedly, this kind of self-supporting zipper bag often applied to industrial supplies industry. 2, with a suction nozzle: easier to dump or learned content, but also can be repeated closed and open repeatedly, can be thought of as can be integrated with the common bottle. This kind of usually used in commodity packaging, used for holding drinks, shower gel, shampoo, tomato sauce, cooking oil, jelly and other liquid, colloid, semi solid products. 3, a zippered zipper bag: can also repeat the closed and open repeatedly, because the zipper is not closed and closed compressive strength is limited, so this kind of way is not suitable for packaging liquid and volatile substances. Method based on edge banding and divided into four different sealing side and three sealing side two kinds, the four sealing side is refers to the product packaging in the factory when the zipper seal and a normal layer sealing side, the common applications using tear sealing side, repeat seal and use zipper implementation, this kind of way to completely solve the zipper sealing side compression strength small adverse logistics transportation defects. And three sealing side is immediately with zipper sealing side as sealing, is often used to holding light products. Self-supporting zipper bag is often used to bag some light solid, such as candy, biscuit, jelly, etc. , but four edges of self-supporting bag can be used for packing of rice, cat litter, etc. The heavier products. 4, in imitation of a mouth: combines with suction nozzle of cheap, convenient and common self-reliance self-reliance bag bag. According to the appearance of the bag body itself to realize the function of the suction nozzle. But imitation mouth self-reliance bag cannot repeat rev, therefore, generally used in drink, jelly and so on the disposable use liquid, colloid, semi solid packing of the products. 5, special-shaped self-reliance bag: according to the packing, on the basis of the traditional type bag to carry out the transformation of all sorts of new type self-supporting bag shape, such as design of the waist, bottom deformation design, handle design concept, etc. With the social development and the improvement of people's aesthetic standard and its industry competition intensifies, design printing more more and more diverse, its performance form is more and more, the development direction of alien self-supporting bag has a tendency to gradually replace the traditional self-supporting bag status. , LTD is a professional customization, design, printing packaging manufacturers, the company has nine color printing machine, high-speed complex machine, bag making machine and other equipment, specializing in the production of printing and packaging, plastic packaging bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bag, tea bag, food bag, plastic bag, vacuum bag, tea bag, rice bag, compound bag, zipper bag independence, suction nozzle bag, kraft paper bagbags, automatic packaging film and other packaging products. A: on the safety of the vacuum bags harm reason what next article: vacuum packaging of food shelf life long
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