What are the classification of the printing?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
Printing can be roughly divided into four basic categories: ( 一) Letterpress printing. ( b) Gravure printing; ( c) Lithography; ( d) Hole printing. Letterpress printing method is one of the most ancient. It is the use of a convex surface of letterpress printing. Printing, the printing ink coating on the surface of matrix, and then to stamping on the paper, the font on the surface of the ink is transferred to the paper surface, forming a mark. Hand printing, Lionel whole line typesetting machine printing, stereotype, electric printing and photoengraving belong to letterpress printing. Gravure printing is by manual or mechanical engraving carved to delimit line, make the print form a concave down a word or a printing method of the image. Printing, first put the ink filling line or groove, reoccupy prepared paper pressure on it, the paper put the ink stick, formation of imprinting. Etching, needle etching and gravure are intaglio printing. Lithographic printing is also sometimes called chemistry, mean printing images and print in the same plane. It is based on & other; Oil and water do not mix & throughout; The principle of the implementation of the printing. This type of printing is by mechanical or manual image shows in the stone or metal surface, and then to the surface for chemical treatment makes the image part of ink, and other parts of the blank is not close to the ink. Printing, only close the ink on the part of the image is transferred to the paper, form the imprinting. Photocopy of printing, photolithograph and offset printing are lithography. Hole printing including hectograph, ornamental Kong Hua version, spraying, silk screen printing and so on. Hole printing principle is: plate ( Paper film version or other edition version made by ink on the perforation) In printing, with certain pressure make the ink through the hole perforation transferred to substrates ( The paper, ceramic, etc. ) , forming the image or text. Hectograph print is the easiest hole printing, began in the late 19th century. This kind of printing is on the special wax paper, through a typewriter or pen made of wax paper version, printing ink roller on wax paper edition, can get ideal printing effect on substrates. In the hole printing, screen printing is the most widely used.
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