What are the characteristics of kraft paper sack kraft paper?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-26
features: 1, kraft paper bagis tenacious waterproof packing paper, using imported bamboo pulp and wood pulp. And the difference between the single side, double side light and striped. 2, the main features are: strength good, strong tension; Uniform smoothness, paper; Vertical and horizontal strong tension; Surface smooth; High content of wood pulp and bamboo pulp. 3, tan, USES is very wide; Quantitative range of 40 grams per square metre to 150 g/m2. 4, often used to make paper bags, envelope, album cover, file and sand paper, etc. ; Line operators is paper, packaging materials, stationery wholesale department, printing factory, handbag factory, garment factory, hardware factory, toy factory, electroplating factory, electronics factory, shoe factory, the first choice of paper paper products factory. 5, color: white, color, color. Packing: in rolls of paper and tablet of paper. 6, note: reliable quality, reasonable price, and can guarantee the long-term and stable supply.
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