What are the characteristics of anti-static aluminum foil bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-28
In general, anti-static moisture-proof bag ( Aluminum foil bag) With anti-static, electromagnetic interference, moistureproof three big functions, Faraday cage structure, shielding cut off an average of 60 db, electrostatic protection of powerful, lining is pure aluminum, the resistivity is lower than 0. 1Ω , four layers structure composite ability, perfect sealing, good waterproof, resistance to oxygen, avoid light, durable, can according to customer needs, vacuum and environmental protection printing. Anti-static aluminum foil bag is generally applicable to electronic products with moisture-proof anti-static requirements packaging: all kinds of PC boards, IC integrated circuit, drive, hard disk, as well as chemical and biological intermediates of vacuum packaging, such as the surface resistance - 108 1010Ω 。
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